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Illing is quite a minor line in my family tree, however it is an interesting name and easy to trace as the Illings come from the small village of Nash in Buckinghamshire. It was all started by my great-great-great-grandfather John Colton who married Elizabeth Illing in Whaddon Parish church in 1841. They had two children, Keziah Jolley (1843) and Zilpha (1844).

Going back through the Illing family tree, I can trace Elizabeth and Sarah's family back to the early 1700's beginning with Thomas Illing who was born in 1707 in Nash. He married Sarah Eddings in 1732 and they had five children, Thomas (1738), George, Sarah, John (1745) and Mary (1748).

His eldest son, Thomas Illing born in 1738 married Elizabeth Ridgway in Whaddon in 1770 and they had four children, Thomas (1776), George (1778), Mary (1786) and William (1789).

The third Thomas Illing born in 1776 in Nash is listed in the Bucks Posse Commitatus of 1798 as a Blacksmith. (This is a record of all the men in the County capable of forming an army to fight.) This Thomas is the father of our Elizabeth and Sarah Ann who were just two of the eight children born to Thomas and his wife Keziah Jolley who he married in Whaddon in April 1806. Their children were all born in Nash and were Thomas (1807), John (1809), George (1811), Jane (1813), Mary (1815), William (1817), Elizabeth (1821) and Sarah Ann (1824).

Keziah Illing died in 1828 at the age of 46 and Thomas then married Susannah Smith, again in Whaddon in 1836. They had four children, Noah (1836), Andrew (1838), Levi (1840) and Emma (1843-45).

It's interesting to look at the patterns of naming children with the Illings as they named all eldest sons Thomas, closely followed by George and John. The girls were usually called Sarah or Mary.

Kling Family?!
There's a lesson in here somewhere...

I obtained the marriage certificates for John Colton and his wives were Elizabeth and Sarah Kling. 'An unusual name' I thought - 'hard to read with the old fashioned hand-writing mind..'

My research continued - slowly! - I couldn't find Klings anywhere! I re-studied the marriage certificates & the childrens birth certificates. All very hard to read but yes, definately Kling.

My research came to a halt. I just couldn't find records for this family ANYWHERE.

About a year later I had an e-mail from a lady who is a distant relation of mine - 'We are related', she said 'although you have the name down as Kling, it's really Illing'.