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Henson is my direct line family name and I have traced them back as far as Joseph Henson who married Elizabeth Garrett in Potterspury, Northants in December 1770.

So far I have only managed to find one son born to Joseph and Elizabeth, that being George whom was baptised 24 November 1771 (IGI). George married Mary Tapp on 27 August 1797 in Potterspury, Northants (IGI) and they had a number of children all registered in the Potterspury District of Northamptonshire. George died in May 1838 in Passenham at the age of 70 (Passenham PR).

George and Mary Hensons children were Thomas (1798-98), Joseph (1801), William (1803), James (1805), Elizabeth (1808), John (1811), Levi (1814), Mary (1816-16) and Hannah (1818).

My family line continues through William Henson born 28 July 1803 in Passenham (IGI) and he married Ann Atkins on 2 February 1824 (Passenham PR). They also lived in the Potterspury district and had eleven children, including the twins Reuben and Henry. William passed away in Deanshanger in May 1870, followed by his wife Ann in March 1875 in Passenham.

William and Ann Hensons children were Jonathan (1826), Mary Ann (1829), Joseph (1830), William (1833), Eliza (1835), Jane (1837), Benjamin (1839), Reuben and Henry (twins 1842), Elizabeth (1844) and Sarah (1847).

The twins, Reuben and Henry were born on St. Valentines Day 14th 1842 (Birth Certificate) and Reuben married Eliza Green on 8 August 1864 in St. Guthlacs, Passenham Church with Henry Henson as a witness. They lived in Deanshanger, Northants where all of their children were born. Their children were Louisa (1865), Joseph (1869), Eva (1871), Rose (1873-73), Rose Lily (1875), Walter (1879), King George (1881), Faith (1883), Reginald (1886) and Mildred

  The photo on the left shows Reuben and Ann Henson with all of their surviving children (apart from Joseph). Click on the photo to see a bigger version

King George Henson who was born 9 March 1881 in Deanshanger, Northants was my great-grandfather. He married Sarah Elizabeth Colton in Passenham on 30 Oct 1909.

George Horace Henson

My grandfather George was a professional footballer in the 1930's.

George Henson whilst at Wolves

He played first division football for Wolves, Northampton, Swansea Town, Bradford Park Avenue and Sheffield United before the second World War stopped the football league.

My Gramp -  George Henson