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My great-grandfather Meakins married a Barguss from Oxfordshire.

I have managed to trace this family line as far as James Bargus who was born in Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire and married Elizabeth Blake in 1791 in the same village.

James and Elizabeth Barguss had the following children all born in Clifton Hampden, Martha (1791), Elizabeth (1793), Ann (1796), Jonathan (1801), Abraham (1804), William (1806), William (1809) and Sarah (1813-21).

Jonathan Bargus who was born in 1801 married Harriett Pinnell in Clifton Hampden where they had their eldest child James. They then moved to Burcott, Oxforshire where the rest of their children were born.

The children of Jonathan and Harriett Barguss were James (1832-32), William (1833), Martha (1835), Matthew (1837), Charlotte (1839), Jesse (1841), John (1843), Abel (1846), Andrew (1849) and James (1853).

Abel Bargus born in 1846 became a shepherd and married Elizabeth Jane Clack in Burcott in 1867. Elizabeth was born in Taunton, Somerset but her family were local to the area. All of Abel and Elizabeths children were born in Burcott, Oxon and they were Eli (1871), John (1874), Elizabeth (1876), George (1883) and Ada (1883)

Ada Barguss was my great-grandmother who married in to the Stony Stratford Meakins family in 1906 when she married Thomas Meakins in Stony Stratford, Bucks.

The photo below is of Ada and Thomas Meakins. For their wedding photo please take a look at the Meakins page.
Thomas and Ada Meakins Photo
Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Bargus or Barguss?
The name Barguss is an unusual name and there are very few in the records which makes them a nice easy line to trace.

The name seems to have been spelt Bargus in the early days but by the mid to late 1800's the additional 's' starts to be added until all entries in the records become Barguss.

In 1998 I took the step of writing to all the Barguss families I could find in the telephone directory (not actually that many!) to see where their ancestors came from. Through their replies I'm relatively certain that they can all trace their origins back to Oxfordshire.

I would be interested to hear from any Barguss descendents to try to place them in the family tree